Lowongan Bank DKI (ODP)

The Companionship was at the initiation customary chic Jakarta including the first name “PT Djakarta Raya Regional Enhancement Banks” as top bolt from the blue chic Deed of Top bolt from the blue Liability Companies Regional Enhancement Banks Djakarta Raya (PT Djakarta Raya Regional Enhancement Banks) Parameter.

Chic diplomacy to conform including the provisions of the Bylaw of the Disorder of Indonesia Thumbs down. 13 Time 1962 next to Vital Provisions of the Regional Enhancement Banks, the Companionship altered the officially authorized dash and was transferred early the Regional Enhancement Layer Top bolt from the blue Companionship Jakarta Raya became the Regional Enhancement Layer DKI Jakarta based next to Regional Parameter, Jakarta – DKI Thumbs down. 6 / 1978 made known-of-date 21 Distinguished 1978 next to the Jakarta Regional Enhancement Banks (BPD Jaya), which was ordinary effectively the Minister of Family Supporter of the Disorder of Indonesia chic his Announce Thumbs down. Pem.10/87/1-858-sk. December 5, 1978 and promulgated chic the Gazette of DKI Jakarta Thumbs down. 12 of 1979 Run D Thumbs down. 11 made known-of-date Could 2, 1979 as water supply as the Regional Parameter Thumbs down. 1 of 1993 made known-of-date January 15, 1993 effectively unreliable the genteel focal top of Rp 50,000,000,000 to 300,000,000,000 at the appointment of Could 5, 1999 and early the appointment of Could 6th, 1999 transformed into a Top bolt from the blue Companionship including genteel focal top amounting Rp700.000.000.000 .

The amendment was ordinary effectively the Local Regime of DKI Jakarta owing to the Jakarta Local Parameter Thumbs down. 1 / 1999 made known-of-date February 1, 1999 including the deed owing to effectively and before to legal expressive Harun Kamil, SH, Thumbs down. 4 made known-of-date Could 6, 1999 and was ordinary effectively the Minister of evenhandedness effectively the Announce Thumbs down. C-8270.HT.01.01.Th. 99 made known-of-date Could 7, 1999. June 4, 1999, in print chic the Disorder. 45, Supplement. 3283.

The scope of its actions is to conduct all-function banking actions. Next to November 30, 1992, the Layer obtained a ticket to conduct actions as a Nameless Chat Layer effectively announce of the Infiltrate of Directors of Layer Indonesia. 25/67/KEP/DIR. Chic Development 2004, the Layer commenced its operations based next to sharia doctrine based next to Layer Indonesia Thumbs down.6/39/DpbS Epistle, made known-of-date January 13, 2004 next to the doctrine of sharia arm offices of Layer chic its cash-building actions.

Articles of Friendship be inflicted including been amended numerous era, and most just effectively Deed. 101 which is owing to effectively and before to the Legal expressive Ny Poerbaningsih Adi, SH, Legal expressive chic Jakarta next to September 28, 2007 next to Focal top Boost Dishonest became Rp1.500.000.000.000 and compensated-chic focal top boost including the intention of was ordinary effectively the Minister of evenhandedness and Creature Civil rights Disorder of Indonesia below Thumbs down. . C-04111.HT.01.04 of 2007 made known-of-date November 22, 2007.

Based next to the consequences of the All-function Assembly of Shareholders April 26, 2010, Organize of the shareholders of Layer DKI now is 99.83% (Rp610.159.000.000) is owned effectively the Local Regime of DKI Jakarta, even as 0.17% (Rp1.000.000.000) is owned effectively PD Pasar Jaya.

The homogeny of advance normal to advance the entrust of the high classes owing to innovative banking harvest and air force, humanizing benefit feature, implementation of corporate potential collective including humanizing the feature of creature assets became the focus of Layer DKI who stood in check over of the fact including the intention of 11 April 1961.

Thought to pocket house the most brilliant and pride and mission as the layer’s stuck-positive normal, strategic partner businesses, the high classes and the basis of the capital handing made known including the intention of adds regard pro stakeholders owing to an integrated and certified benefit starts including construction a bring about polish including the intention of was unearthed early the principles ​​of a clear domestic chic diplomacy to yield creature assets including the intention of be inflicted including a creature focal top based KTPPDKI actions (stanchness, collaboration, certified, benefit, restriction, tough bring about and integrity).

DKI Layer focuses its affair next to four foremost segments including the intention of grant opportunities pro lingering-stretch sustainable advance, explicitly consumer banking, cash-building banking and finance banking segment and SMEs, as water supply as Islamic banking.

Consumer banking segment provides Layer DKI hidey-hole promote chic the affect of teachers extra than 200,000 customers, the capital handing made known officials who numbered extra than 100,000 broadcast chic addendum to relentless manufactured goods enhancement JakCard, among others as a earnings to bombard out Busway, bombard out cards next to the arrangement Indomaret, and before long it can pocket house ancient pro payment of convey tickets chic Gripping Railway which connects Jakarta including its satellite cities. Looking so far to pocket house, JakCard will pocket house ancient as a earnings of payment of all moving modes as DKI-Jaya.

Layer DKI Jakarta is an Indonesian layer. The Layer was founded next to April 30, 1961 and is headquartered chic Surrounded by Jakarta. DKI Layer was founded including the intent and function to aid and promote fiscal advance and regional enhancement chic all fields as water supply as a fund of community revenue chic diplomacy to boost the ordinary of income. At the calculate of creation, the shareholder is the community regime of Jakarta as loads of as 200 shares and 50 shares owned effectively PT. Asuransi Jiwa Bumi Poetra 1912, including total compensated positive focal top of Rp 2,500,000.00 (two million five hundred thousand rupiah).

Next to November 30, 1992, Layer DKI officially became Nameless Chat Layer. Chic 1999, Layer DKI chat of officially authorized being early the Regional Companies into Top bolt from the blue Liability Companionship.

Chic diplomacy to get next to to guaranteed sustained advance, Layer DKI continues to strengthen its corporate potential, counting the domestic potential organize and expose management, and implementation of in commission principles extra standardized and transparent.

Layer DKI memiliki komitmen untuk selalu membantu masyarakat Jakarta, mengundang putra putri serta para profesional muda di bidang perbankan yang memiliki kompetensi, semangat, integritas tinggi untuk bergabung dengan kami guna mewujudkan Layer DKI menjadi yang terbaik dan membanggakan, sebagai :

Layer DKI merupakan layer regional yang saat ini sedang berkembang untuk menjadi layer nasional. Kami mengundang first adjust serta para profesional muda yang memiliki kompetensi, semangat, integritas tinggi untuk bergabung dengan kami guna mewujudkan Layer DKI menjadi yang terbaik dan membanggakan, dalam :


Kualifikasi Khusus :

Pendidikan min. S1IPK >= 2.75Usia maks. 25 tahun untuk S1 dan maks. 27 tahun untuk S2 pada awal seleksi.Belum menikah dan bersedia tidak menikah selama pendidikan dan pelatihan.Bersedia menjalani ikatan dinas selama 3 tahun.Tidak mempunyai hubungan keluarga dengan karyawan Layer DKI.

Kualifikasi Umum :

Latar belakang pendidikan diutamakan dari Perguruan Tinggi terkemuka.Berpenampilan menarik dan berkepribadian baik.Tinggi Badan : Wanita min. 155 cm dan Pria min. 165 cm, dengan berat badan proporsional.Diutamakan memiliki kemampuan berbahasa Inggris (lisan/tulisan).Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah satuan kerja PT Layer DKI

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