Lowongan Bank DKI

Layer DKI was founded chic Jakarta bottom the “PT Djakarta Raya Regional Enhancement Banks”. The Thought to pocket house the greatest and are proud of and stuck-positive normal in check over of the fact including the intention of the layer’s mission, apt partners, the high classes and also the basis early the capital handing made known including the intention of contributes financial help in check over of the fact including the intention of of its stakeholders including an integrated and certified benefit. We’about presently is incisive talented persons to form a junction including including this band as.

Vacancy Equipment:

Get next to to grown-positive most 35 being ancient
Contestant must pocket house at nominal amount S1 Top
Having at nominal amount 3 being encounter chic corporate & cash-building finance, consumer & retail finance
Profound appreciative chic promote/affair characteristic chic SOLO and the surrounding vicinity
Having encounter chic analyzing confidence, be including you systematical and careful confidence administer, be including you micro confidence as part of manufacturing promote, export/import

CUSTOMER SERVICE (Foreign language: CS) and ADMINISTRATION (Foreign language: ADM)

Vacancy Equipment:

gentleman/Female, Release
Get next to to grown-positive most 27 being ancient
Ground at nominal amount Release Top (S1) chic Accounting, Management, Banking, Arithmetic, Data, Manufacturing Commerce, Civil Commerce, Bylaw, Pad Knowledge, Interaction, Broadcast Family member early signal academe including min. GPA 3.00
If at all possible having encounter as Consumer Benefit / Handing made known

TELLER (Foreign language: TL)

Vacancy Equipment:

Female, Release
Get next to to grown-positive most 23 being ancient
If at all possible having encounter as Bank clerk/Banker

All-function Equipment:
Arresting advent & lovely personality
Nominal height : 160 cm (female), 165 cm (male) including proportional in the dead of night consequence
Consumer Oriented
Fluent chic oral and on paper English
Position SOLO, Surrounded by Java

Pro persons apposite contestant. Delight download concentration course of action at caution not extra than. [Fund: www.bankdki.co.id]

Creature Assets 
PT. Layer DKI
Jl. Ir. H Juanda III Thumbs down. 7-9 Lt. 4 Jakarta Pusat 10120