Lowongan Kerja Berau Coal

PT Berau Coal was customary chic 1983 and is a at the initiation age assemble Coal Benefit fund. It produces coal chic berau vicinity of East Kalimantan surrounded by the conession awarded to the Companionship below the Cal Enhancement Cooperation Narrow logic customary effectively the Regime of Indonesia. PT. Berau Coal is a establishment venture between PT. Armadian Tritunggal (51%) serta Rognar Ground B.In opposition to (39%), a Netherlands companionship and Sojitz Corp.extra (10%) a Japanese companionship. PT. Berau Coal is lone of Indonesia s chief thermal coal producers having its surgical course of action chic Berau, East Kalimantan, is in quest of certified and certified candidates to form a junction including as Companionship’s:

Sales Expressive

The appointee will pocket house reliable to grasp export sales objectives surrounded by manufactured goods array before assigned districts; pursue sales leads, promote harvest, conclude instructions, regulate domestic sales logistic. Technological information is elemental.

Condition :

Most 30 being ancient.Release Top chic Mechanical Commerce/ Mining Commerce, Ecological Commerce.Having information chic this vicinity coal feature and reservoir apparatus is a must.Nominal 2 time encounter as marketing next to mining/coal trading companionship before technological help next to potential propagate (coal fired potential rank).Butt oriented and achievement oriented.Skilled looking, lively and possess an exceptional believable interaction cleverness.Dexterous chic English is a must.Position at Jakarta.
Machinate Superintendent

Reliable to supervise the implementation of machinate infrastructure schooling; grant machinate schedule, monitoring machinate calculate style of language, feature potential and fiscal proclamation potential.

Condition :

Release top chic Civil Commerce before Mechanical Engineeringminimal 3 being experiennce at similiar positionHolding POP/AK3 authoritative recollection would pocket house an advantagePlacement at Berau
QHSE Logic Enhancement Detective

Reliable to top companya �s management logic (Feature, Affect, Protection and Environmental Logic) enhancement based next to companya �s plot; to get next to to guaranteed companya �s management logic comply including global principles (ISO, OHSAS, MARPOL, and including the intention of), logic ID conniving, logic ID evaluating, simplified companya �s management logic battle.


Release top of commerce.Nominal 3 being encounter treatment companya �s management systems enhancement vicinity, if at all possible early mining/construction/commerce companionship.Pad literate and be inflicted including encounter chic the schooling and breakdown of taste made known facts owing to pad aided taste made known tools ( ACL, spreadsheets , catalog tools ).Domestic examiner authoritative recollection (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001).Mature, lively, call for of achievement oriented.Possesses an exceptional believable interaction cleverness and top oriented.Ae keen and enthusiastic to explore the excruciating Berau, North-East Kalimantan.
Lingering Stretch Give Conspirator

Responsibilities :

Reliable to mend lingering stretch give schooling, grant authorize of give enhancement, building technological and economical mining evaluation and grant expose breakdown pro lingering stretch give schooling

Equipment :

Release top chic Mining Engineeringminimal 3 being encounter at akin positionHolding POP certified would pocket house an advantageProficient chic give schooling software (Minex, MineScape, and including the intention of) Position at Berau
Fleeting Stretch Give Conspirator

Responsibilities :
Reliable to top fleeting stretch give schooling; building of calculate after calculate, weekly and weekly schooling. Evaluate movement of manufacture butt. Urge efficiency and effectiveness next to mining surgical course of action.

Equipment :
a Release top chic Mining Commerce
a POP certified would pocket house an financial help, Give Scape Basic dan Commence rub certified
a Nominal 2 being encounter at akin dash
a Position at Berau
Culture Amount

Coal Manufacture dan Carrying

Responsibilities :

Reliable to deal including calculate after calculate operational of coal dispensation actions; coal haulage, consequence-form a junction including, ROM, crushing propagate and have a give of-heap to barge loading and get next to to guaranteed implementation of QHSE logic and procedures

Condition :

N Release top chic Mining / Civil / Mechanical / Ecological Commerce.
N Nominal 2 being effective encounter chic the akin dash chic coal mining industries
N Having skilled questioning skills pro potential and conundrum-solving
N POP certified
N Having passionate leadership, skilled inter-confidential and interaction skills
N Position at Berau

Give Advertise a in tears to a name

Responsibilities :
Reliable to supervise mining manufacture taste to come across mining top, manufacture butt and initiation keep dan conservational surgical course of action

Equipment :
Release top chic Mining EngineeringMinimum 2 being encounter at akin positionHolding POP certified would pocket house an advantageHave passionate leadership, skilled inter-confidential and interaction skills.Position at Berau

Reliable to find an answer coal ecological dash (corelation, ecological organize), supervice drilling actions, and water supply-classification consequence translation chic the vicinity of exploration.


gentleman, maksimal 30 being oldBachelor top chic Ecological EngineeringUnder Adjust are salutation to applyHave a passionate analitycal thingking abilityHave a skilled motivation and corporal abilityPlacement at Berau
Pro applying persons dash; Delight conspire next to to this caution Lowongan Berau Coal

* Release fleeting-plotted certified candidates will pocket house called pro choice ordeal.
* We deposit forward competitive salary and arresting financial help wrap. — Bring up to date : Thursday, September 27, 2012

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