Lowongan Kerja Bussan Auto Finance BAF January 2013

Lowongan Kerja PT Bussan Automobile Finance, adalah perusahaan pembiayaan saat ini berkonsentrasi pada pembiayaan motor Yamaha. BAF didirikan pada tahun 1997. Dengan modal disetor sebesar Rp 275 Milyard (dinaikkan dari Rp 25 milyard pada bulan Januari 2006), komposisi pemegang sahamnya adalah:

. Mitsui dan Co Ltd75%2. PT Mitsui Indonesia15%3. Yamaha Motor Co Ltd7%4. PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia3%
Administrator Sales dan Marketing

a N nominal Release Top chic signal academe
a N Experienced person nominal 4 being as regional marketing administrator before 5 being as a Arm Administrator chic automotive financing companionship
a N Competent to mend link including automotive dealers/outlet before additional affair
a N Mastering chic financing affair approach to grasp sales targets
a N Possess passionate affair implication, distinguished integrity, skilled leadership, skilled interpersonal cleverness and cleverness to motivate sales band/assistant
a N Pleased, adaptive, mature, nature starter, band player and tough hand
a N Habitual including difficulty of distinguished butt background

IT Feature Swear an oath

a N Contestant must possess at nominal amount a Release’s Top, Master’s Top / Placement Adjust Top, Commerce (Pad/Telecommunication) before corresponding.
a N Get next to to grown-positive maksimal 28
a N Having information chic Concentration Hard Machinate (prefered)
a N At nominal amount 1 time(s) of effective encounter chic the correlated field is essential pro this dash (First adjust are salutation).
a N Skilled mentality-fit, reliable, instant apprentice, passionate questioning thought, band-bring about mindset
a N Full-Calculate dash(s) void.

Marketing Manufactured goods Enhancement – Asst Mgr

a N Enlarge delivery arrangement / consumer dishonest and explore extra affair chance
a N Grant promote and competitive in rank
a N Mend and apply sales N actions dan marketing approach schooling
a N To mend B 2 C manufactured goods

a N gentleman / Female, maksimal 35 being ancient
a N Bachelora �s Top chic marketing, broadcast relations, exchanges before correlated disciplines.
a N At nominal amount 3 being of effective encounter as Superintendent Manufactured goods Enhancement at finance companionship, banking before consumer manufactured goods diligence
a N Having skilled information N chic marketing plotting, promote approach and breakdown, strain awareness and manufactured goods enhancement
a N Aggressive, initiative pleased, greatly motivated, skilled management and coordination cleverness, competent to bring about surrounded by a band dishonest.
a N Having skilled skills chic interaction, negotiation, and handing made known

Delight hurl your full resume dan CV to:

HR Recruitment dan SelectionPT Bussan Automobile FinanceMenara Mulia Construction; 19 Baffle.JL Gatot Subroto Kav. 9-11 Jakarta 12930surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail] : recruitment–at–bussan.co.id AND hrmrz–at–bussan.co.idExpired : 05 January 2013//urgently-essential.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/non-payment

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