Lowongan Kerja Panasonic Industrial Device Batam January 2013

Lowongan Kerja PT Panasonic Manufacturing Contrivance Indonesia, founded next to a tradition of building equipment including the intention of get next to to go simpler as water supply as extra enjoyable,N Panasonica �s complete and progressive solutions are rife chic loads of fields the planet finished nearly the planet. Chic homes, businesses and diligence, our innovations are also acknowledged pro technological distinction and environmental awareness. The comprehensive family ranking continues to enlarge the areas it can show to pro the possibility, allotment dreams and dreams including all aspirant persons.

1. Manufacture Supporter- Manufacture (PA)
Reliable pro manpower potential and productivity

a. gentleman/Female, D3/S1 Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical before Manufacturing Commerce
b. Encounter chic manufacture potential, owing to first graduates are salutation

2. Manufacture Supporter – Maintenance (PM)
Reliable pro Defensive Maintenance actions

a. gentleman, D3/S1 Electronic before Mechanical Commerce
b. Be inflicted including encounter chic maintenance before technician, PLC information, owing to first graduates are salutation

3. Manufacture Supporter – Feature (OC)
Reliable br inquiry extra manufactured goods and feature potential chic administer

a. gentleman/Female, D3/S1 Electronic before Mechanical Commerce
b. Be inflicted including encounter even if first adjust are

4. Manufacture Supporter – Consumer (popularity)
Reliable before purchasing actions and manufacture including companionship supplier

a. gentleman/Female, D3/S1 any restriction
b. Nominal 1 time encounter as Consumer
c. Gangster mandate chic English, skilled interpersonal and skilled interaction cleverness

5. Manufacture Supporter – Pile (ST)
Reliable to supervise and potential calculate after calculate surgical course of action and Give of pile

a. gentleman D3/S1 Electronic before manufacturing Engireering
b. Nominal 3 being encounter chic the constant field

6. In rank Logic (IT)
Reliable pro logic enhancement, logic help, and administer innovation

a. gentleman/Female, nominal D3 IT
b. Be inflicted including vital IT information and Brainwashing Cleverness
c. Nominal 1 yaar encounter

Pease hurl your concentration resume, pretend of qualification, and contemporary potograph to:

Creature Pile DepartmentPT Panasonic Manufacturing Cleverness Batam (PIDSG-BT)Puri Manufacturing Playground 2000, Kel. Baloi Permai Batam Centre-29463surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail] : bthremp01–at–sg.panasonic.comExpired : 05 January 2013//urgently-essential.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/non-payment

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