Lowongan kerja PT Aerofood Indonesia Mei 2013

PT Aerofood Indonesia is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia Assemble, which is particular chic as long as premium manufactured goods and benefit, provisions & beverages including the peak feature pro domestic and global flights. We yield ourselves chic an innovative and creative chic the catering benefit affair. Including Thought Thought ‘To pocket house the chief premium feature provisions and air force fund chic ASEAN’ , PT Aerofood Indonesia vigorously enhanced including its affair diversification into the manufacturing catering air force, inflight logistics & delivery and provisions & go retail. To pursue our Thought we appealing a dynamics, dyed-chic-the-skin and certified professionals to lecture the later dash as :

Expose Management Detective (RMO)
Jakarta Raya
This dash will pocket house reliable to dash and inquiry areas of the makings expose to the assets, mend and apply expose assessment models, yield accurately & next to calculate crash and presentation. Mend and conduct schooling programs primarily pro Expose Management.

  • Release top chic Disorder early signal Academe including nominal GPA of 3.00
  • Nominal 3 being experiences chic Expose Management vicinity and preferable be inflicted including encounter as Domestic Examiner.
  • gentleman/Female max 30 being ancient
  • Comprehends chic identification and assess risks, vital familiarity including all areas, policies and procedures of the establishment is a must.
  • Skilled chic English (any oral and on paper) and posses a skilled pad skills
  • Be inflicted including a skilled interpersonal and interaction cleverness, fiscal analyzing, smart, a band player, reliable, and trusty

Attracted candidates are invited to hurl your newest CV and probable salary including Dash First name, to:
Release fleeting plotted applicants will pocket house told. All applications will pocket house treated chic austere
confidential and release aid pro the function of choice.
We encourage you to gather extra chic this vicinity Aerofood ACS effectively visiting our website:
PT Aerofood Indonesia
Aerowisata Playground Jl. Prof. DR. Seopomo thumbs down. 45, Tebet Jakarta 12810