Lowongan Kerja Shell Indonesia January 2013

Lowongan Kerja PT Bombard Indonesia, including foremost surgical course of action chic downstream affair at the following manages affair operations including the intention of contain marketing and trading stain including oil harvest frankly as water supply as owing to its appointed distributors.
Bombard Indonesia is also from the bottom of your heart looking at stain including oil and chatter exploration opportunities and schooling to fit positive a noteworthy incidence chic the upstream sector.

Integrated Chatter Finance Analyst (Foreign language Career:N A33500.)

The Integrated Chatter Finance Analyst will pocket house part of a dyed-chic-the-skin finance help band facilitating style of language of the Abadi machinate. The Abadi chatter field is a planet-class asset, including recoverable volumes of chic this vicinity 18.5 Tcf. Bombard is a 30% shareholder of the JV including the intention of manages the field and became the projecta �s strategic non-in commission partner.

The Integrated Chatter Finance Analyst chains the swear an oath including the intention of Shella �s JV appeal as a non-in commission shareholder chic the Masela Manufacture Allotment Narrow are watched over and by the book reported. He/she advises and chains the Finance Administrator and the wider band chic all finance, contracting and procurement, potential and expose management aspects.

Schooling dan Budgeting
Initiate deprivation build administer and bring about including Finance and Technological managers pro inputs; form a junction including including JV finance crucial to get next to to best appreciative of the expenditure projected chic the Bring about Curriculum dan Budgets; coordinate the affair schooling and budgeting implementation pro the machinate. Get next to to doable assess of the schooling and the ensuing financials and seek out functional and management backing pro submission to Affair Lone.

Exposure and Normal Management
Facilitate monthly assess of fiscal intelligence including Bombard Affair Benefit Centre and help the manufacture of suitable noteworthy and compelling management in rank to footstep normal. Arrange monthly expenditure intelligence and commentaries pro submission to regional schooling band. Regulate and arrange weekly expenditure assess equipment and help the Finance Administrator chic the assess administer including the machinate band. The expenditure assess is a essential part of machinate normal tracking. Communicate including the wider machinate band as water supply as partners next to the schooling of newest estimates hostile to diplomacy and budgets and grant constructive challenge towards a credible Newest Assess to aid chic declaration-building and submission to regional schooling band and deprivation exposure logic (ECR).
Potential, Expose dan Swear an oath: mess about an vital character chic the management of affair risks counting the creation and maintenance of an apt expose potential framework

Affair and Fiscal Joystick
a N Crucial top pro fiscal and affair joystick pro the machinate
a N Get next to to guaranteed processes are SOx amenable and are embedded surrounded by Bombard Upstream Companies chic Indonesia to keep positive ongoing diminishing chic outline
a N Crucial top chic the band to coordinate pro JV partners taste made known
a N Coordinate as de rigueur including Finance Operations chic family member to hurl a bigwig a proclamation management dan payments; master facts foundation and layer tab management
a N Arrange cash forecast inputs to Finance Operations and initiate question for pro nameless currency equipment
a N Communicate including the Indonesian Broadcast Tariff Administrator next to finance intelligence requiring tariff inputs (expenditure forecast pro tariff exposure chic the UK) and weekly tariff provisioning assess.
a N Coordinate including Machinate Air force band to get next to to guaranteed real PdanT charges to potential band
a N Administer deliverables of narrow personnel – deputise Finance Administrator as and as essential

a N An experienced person finance certified including passionate affair insight
a N Skilled interpersonal and influencing skills, competent to converse issues chic cooperation including older machinate dan affair leaders as water supply as including open-air stakeholders
a N Signal appreciative and appreciation of Upstream/Integrated Chatter affair, affair schooling processes and systems
a N Appreciative of Indonesian dictatorial equipment will pocket house an superfluous financial help
a N Plainly exhibit confidential stanchness to handbook towards distinction
a N Trade show accept pro diversity, counting have fun cultures and community circumstances
a N Dexterous English

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