Lowongan Medco Energy

MedcoEnergi is the at the initiation Indonesian companionship in commission chic the stain including oil & chatter exploration and manufacture affair plotted chic Jakarta Have a give of Chat in check over of the fact including the intention of 1994. Currently, MedcoEnergi has transformed itself early community companionship to be converted into an energy companionship in commission chic Indonesia and overseas, including focus next to Stain including oil and Chatter, potential age assemble and renewable fuels. We be inflicted including total our affair to countries of Oman, Libya, Yemen, and USA, chic addendum to the inhabitant affair chic Indonesia. Form a junction including Adjust Advertise a in tears to a name Beginner (GET), a curriculum including an objective of hiring childish engineers to pocket house urban as petro-technological professionals.


Vacancy Equipment:

  • Possess a release top (S1) early signal academe, if at all possible including majoring chic Arithmetic, Marker, Informatics, before additional noteworthy fields
  • Nominal 2 being of encounter chic compensation and financial help
  • First Graduates are salutation to apply
  • Competent to Reflect Evenhanded and Systematic
  • Information chic Compensation and Financial help Management
  • Be inflicted including the essential Information chic Creature Assets
  • Fluent chic on paper and oral English
  • Skilled Pad Skills (MsWord, Powerpoint, and exceptional chic outrival)
  • Skilled Marker Vital Skills, Facts Breakdown, and Assessment
  • Skilled Interaction and Creature Family member Skills
  • Be inflicted including Ample Information chic this vicinity Overstress Bylaw, Regime Parameter, And CLA (Collective Overstress Contract).
  • Be inflicted including Ample Information chic Schooling and Budgeting

Must you attracted delight aim your large-ranging CV and concluded applicant affect (download at caution not extra than to PT. MedcoEnergi Global at hurl by e-e-mail pocket positive not extra than. Delight disorder Rec-COM next to hurl by e-e-mail theme, minutes must not pocket house exceeding 1 MB. [Fund: www.medcoenergi.com]