PT Nestlé Indonesia – Recruitment S1 Fresh Graduate Medical Delegate September 2012

PT Nestlé Indonesia
Nestlé Kejayan /

PT Nestlé Indonesia – Nestlé Indonesia is a signal provisions and nourishment manufacturers chic Indonesia. The Companionship incorporated in check over of the fact including the intention of 1971 and operated as a part of Nestlé SA, the comprehensive chief provisions and nourishment companionship. Chic Indonesia, the Companionship based chic Jakarta and supported effectively 2,600 the makings employees. The Companionship also operates 3 factory plants, located chic Kejayan Pasuruan East Java, Panjang Lampung and Cikupa Banten. Chic 2013, PT Nestlé Indonesia will operated its fourth factory located chic Karawang – West Java. The Kejayan factory operated in check over of the fact including the intention of 1986 and located chic Jl Raya Pasuruan Malang KM 9.5 Kejayan Pasuruan East Java. Nestlé’s Kejayan Factory bent milk manufactured goods such as Dancow, Deposit positive including Strain, and Nestlé Dancow Essential. Nestlé’s Kejayan Factory operated including calculate after calculate opportunity 700,000 liters of milk for every calculate.

To help the affair additional opportunity and its organic advance, PT Nestlé Indonesia invites the most brilliant candidates to form a junction including as later dash

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