Lowongan Kerja Indomarco September 2012

Lowongan Kerja Indomarco

PT Indomarco Adi Prima is lone of the chief delivery companionship chic Indonesia. The Companionship operated as a delivery hole of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, lone of the chief consumer commodities companionship chic Indonesia. The Companionship deliver 90% of Indofood’s harvest such as Indomie, Insert Mie, Supermie, Indomilk, Bimoli, Chiki, Chitato, and including the intention of to extra than 300.000 outlets chic all finished Indonesi, counting foremost thread pile, bestow promote, and habitual promote. The Companionship also deliver additional principal’s harvest such as Total detergent, Mamy Poko, Charm, Pepsi, Wangi Tea, Quaker, Garam Refina and including the intention of. PT Indomarco Adi Prima based chic Jakarta and supported effectively 25 arm offices, and 1,500 have a give of points chic most of foremost capital chic Indonesia.

To help the affair additional opportunity and its organic advance, currently PT Indomarco Adi Prima are looking the most brilliant childish certified to form a junction including as:

Management Beginner (MT)

MT Sales Surgical course of action (MT – SO)
MT Finance Accounting (MT-FA)
MT Logistic (MT-LOG)


Male, single, max. age 25 years old
Min S1 from all majors with GPA > 3.00
First adjust before having most 1 time bring about encounter chic correlated field
Be inflicted including skilled implication of affair, leadership, interpersonal and interaction skills
Keen to pocket house positioned chic any vicinity of Indonesia

Domestic Examiner (IA)


Male, max. age 25 years old
S1 in Accounting or Management with GPA > 3.00
1 time encounter chic correlated field is essential (first graduates including noteworthy shared class are also salutation to apply)
A nature motivated, full of initiative and competent to bring about below difficulty including nominal supervision
Keen to journey pro assigned career nearly Indonesia
Keen to pocket house located chic Have control finished Personnel (Jakarta)

Must you attracted and certified, delight give positive your Concentration, CV, and contemporary photograph effectively e-e-mail to: recruitment@indomarco.co.id before decline your CV at IAP Career Calculate including the intention of will detained next to 17 September 2012 at Unika Soegijapranta Semarang Ruang Audience Gedung Albertus lt. 3 next to 09.00 WIB. Release fleeting-plotted candidates will pocket house told.

Pro additional top in rank, delight give positive authoritative fund early CDC UNS next to later caution not extra than

Authoritative Fund