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Now PT. Pertamina Patra Niaga offers fuel trading, fuel treatment, fleet management and railroad rank management. Extra water supply-methodical strategies and a rational governmental take care of business including has strengthened the companionship #39;s dash, flush including now #39;s augmented struggle. PT. Pertamina Patra Niaga constantly strives to boost its competitiveness chic chic cooperation inhabitant and comprehensive OdanG markets.
Desk To Boss – Jakarta
Female, get next to to grown-positive 22-26 being Qualification top early signal Academe, primarily Accounting shared class At nominal amount 2 time(s) of effective encounter chic the correlated field is essential pro this dash Skilled English interaction cleverness and ancient to get next to to exposure chic English translation Top nature, at approximately calculate ago apprentice and keen to bring about chic forceful deadline Initiative and Pleased Personnel Handing made known – Jakarta Equipment
Possess Qualification 3 top majoring chic Accounting/ Management, first adjust Mastering Microsoft Personnel, Outrival, Speech, Potential Top and internet Facts access Competent to get next to to outgoing and incoming e-mail intelligence, and calculate after calculate intelligence Be fond of the challenge and be inflicted including a question to gather- Jakarta Responsibilities
Mind and employment of the Marketing and Buying functions Coordinate including Open-air Taste made known (KAP) and additional open-air taste made known institutions chic the implementation of Buying and Marketing Taste made known gathering Equipment
Most get next to to grown-positive 35 being ancient Nominal encounter 3 being chic akin field Nominal culture S1 chic Accounting Pad literate, nominal Microsoft Personnel Fluent chic English, chic cooperation oral and on paper Reliable, persistent and keen to bring about below difficulty If at all possible be inflicted including encounter as Examiner Equipped to bring about made known of city pro a affair dive before position Must you attracted delight hurl your comperhensive resume chic top and deposit the dash title next to the envelope before as theme of your surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail] to pocket positive not extra than.
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