PT Aerofood Indonesia – D3, S1 Staff, Head Aerofood Garuda Group December 2014

Aerofood ACS
Aerofood ACS /

PT Aerofood Indonesia – Aerofood ACS before celebrated as Aerowisata Catering Air force is is a at approximately calculate ago next to the increase companionship chic Indonesia including the intention of runs chic aircraft catering air force. The Companionship is particular chic as long as premium feature provisions and air force pro domestic and global flights. Aerofood Indonesia is an affiloate companionship PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Garuda Assemble), the inhabitant ordinary carrier of Indoensia. As of December 2013, Garuda Assemble owing to its subsidiary Aerowisata holds 99.9991% shares chic Aerofood ACS. Aerofood ACS is based chic Jakarta and currently has 8 inflight catering conveniences, located at Medan North Sumatera, Jakarta, Bandung West Java, Yogyakarta, Surabaya East Java, Denpasar Bali, Balikpapan East Kalimantan, and Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. Chic April 2013, Aerofood Indonesia was appraised effectively Forst & Sullivan as 2013 Coolness & Sullivan Indonesia Airline Help Benefit Fund of the Time.

Awaited to facing at approximately calculate ago affair advance and rising of affair in a roundabout road Indonesia, PT Aerofood Indonesia are currently in quest of to recruit distinguished feature and dynamic persons to grab theese career opportunities

Admin Recruitment


  • Most get next to to grown-positive of 25 being ancient.
  • Nominal Qualification chic Creature Pile Management, Affair Studies, Handing made known, Management before corresponding.
  • In commission information of Microsoft Personnel.
  • Competent of treatment handing made known harms.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and interaction skills.
  • Nominal 1 time of encounter chic the correlated field, if at all possible personnel specializing chic Creature Assets before corresponding.
  • Full-calculate dash void.
  • Keen to pocket house positioned at Have control finished Personnel.

Salary & Financial help Personnel


  • Nominal Qualification before Release Top chic Economics, Creature Pile Managament, Pharmacy/Pharmacology before corresponding.
  • Possess exceptional skills chic pad, interpersonal and leadership.
  • Water supply so far to pocket house information chic this vicinity BPJS (Kesehatan and Ketenagakerjaan) and others.
  • Essential foreign language : Bahasa.
  • Nominal 1 time of encounter chic correlated field, if at all possible personnel chic Creature Pile before corresponding.
  • Full-calculate dash void.

Have control finished Culture and Enhancement


  • Most get next to to grown-positive of 35 being ancient.
  • Nominal Release Top chic Phychology early signal academe, including nominal GPA of 3.00.
  • At nominal amount 2 being of encounter chic the constant dash.
  • Possess exceptional interpersonal and interaction cleverness, smart, a band player, reliable and trusty.
  • Vital information chic this vicinity schooling call for breakdown, schooling manner, schooling evaluation.
  • Keen to pocket house positioned chic Have control finished Personnel Jakarta.
Pro additional in rank, delight give positive authoritative fund early Jobstreet next to later caution not extra than.But you contest the profile and are attracted chic this exiting career chance, delight hurl your newest CV including probable salary and dash foreign language to PT Aerofood Indonesia (Aerofood Manufacturing Catering) – Aerowisata Playground, Jl Prof Dr Soepomo Thumbs down 45 Tebet Jakarta Selatan 12810. Release fleeting plotted applicants will pocket house told. All applications will pocket house treated chic austere confidential and release aid pro the function of choice. ( / Fund)

Eka Bogainti (Hoka Hoka Bento) – Finance Staff

PT Eka Bogainti (Hoka Hoka Bento) – Hoka Hoka Bento is the lead the road and lone of the chief Japanese At approximately calculate ago Provisions Restaurant chic Indonesia, including diversity of harvest and practically priced fee. Customary chic 1985, we be inflicted including extra than 100 branches chic Jabodetabek, Bandung and Surabaya. We deposit forward a challenging career pro distinguished achievers to pocket house part of our band Finance Personnel Equipment: gentleman Get next to to grown-positive must pocket house not extra than 28 being ancient Applicants must call nominal  Qualification before Release Top chic Accounting before Finance, including GPA min. 3.00 First adjust are salutation to apply Having exceptional information chic reserves & vital fiscal Having exceptional interaction and interpersonal skills Having skilled mentality-fit, initiative, thorough and top oriented Nature-determining and competent to bring about chic as a band Delight hurl an simplified Curriculum Vitae to Creature Assets Hole Eka Bogainti (Hoka Hoka Bento) Jl. Raya Poncol Thumbs down. 2 Ciracas – Jakarta 13740 PO BOX 8352 JKT 12083

Eka Bogainti (Hoka Hoka Bento) – Finance Personnel di rank-out di : Lowongan Kerja CPNS dan BUMN – Report Lowongan Pekerjaan Terbaru

PT Pertamina Retail – SMA, SMK, S1 GA Staff, Cafe Attendant Pertamina Group June 2013

PT Pertamina Retail
PT Pertamina Retail /

PT Pertamina Retail – Pertamina Retail is an vital part of PT Pertamina (Persero) including the intention of was deals including retail stain including oil and chatter affair. The Companionship engaged chic 2 foremost affair, explicitly full retail and non fuel retail (NFR) affair. The Companionship was founded chic 1997 and earlier celebrated as PT Pertajaya Lubrindo. PT Pertamina Retail was launched chic 2005. The Companionship is based chic Jakarta and manages 8 regional branches in a roundabout road Indonesia. As at the aim of 2011, Pertamina Retail operates 74 chatter stations (SPBU) chic all finished Indonesia. Based next to PT Pertamina Retail Approximately calculate ago a time Crash 2011, the Companionship finished again recorded augmented operational normal.  PT Pertamina Retail reported total lattice profit value of Rp19.55 billion, in place of a advance of 181.7% early before time.

To help the affair additional opportunity and its organic advance, PT Pertamina Retail currently is in quest of the most brilliant candidates who are attracted to gather and quick hands-next to encounter chic retail stain including oil and chatter affair as pause next to

All-function Theme Personnel


  • gentleman
  • be extremely flourishing get next to to grown-positive 25 being ancient
  • S1 all majors, if at all possible majoring chic Commerce and Accounting
  • Be inflicted including effective encounter chic the field of All-function Supporter
  • Committed chic English
Cafe Attendant


  • gentleman/Female
  • Get next to to grown-positive 18-26 being ancient
  • Nominal height : gentleman 165 cm, and Female 158 cm
  • Culture Min. SMU / copy
  • Encounter as Waitress, Barista is an superfluous regard
  • Keen to pocket house positioned at the individual outlets and pause next to a schedule budge bring about
    Pro additional top in rank, delight give positive authoritative fund early Jobstreet next to later caution not extra than. Must you come across all of the equipment privileged than, delight decline your applications effectively online owing to Jobstreet. All concentration will modest exactingly confidential and release fleeting-plotted candidates will pocket house contacted. (Fund)