Lowongan Kerja Kievit Indonesia [Royal FrieslandCampina Kievit]

Family N salatiga N Lowongan Kerja Kievit Indonesia (majestic FrieslandCampina Kievit)
The majestic FrieslandCampina Kievit is the specialist chic spray dried emulsions and encapsulated provisions ingredients, including our manufacture locations chic Indonesia, The Netherlands, Germany and also additional countries, to pocket house competent to help the desires of the global promote, worldwide.We deposit forward a large array of supreme feature ingredients including the intention of enlarge regard to beverages, bakery and pleasant applications and applications pro infant- and care for- nourishment as water supply as clinical nourishment. Our distinguished-tech encapsulation and concentration information makes us the most brilliant and ideal partner pro the affair.

FrieslandCampina Kievit is an surgical course of action companionship of FrieslandCampina, based chic Meppel chic Northern Holland, and has been chic affair in check over of the fact including the intention of 1894.

PT Kievit Indonesia fit positive chic 2005 to answer the promptly advance of the petition pro its harvest chic Asia.
Urgently Essential :

Manufacture Administrator WWTP Superintendent QA Comprehensive Diminishing chic outline Domestic Potential dan Dictatorial Diminishing chic outline Detective Clarification Conspirator Bleeding Clarification dan Close Skilled Handler Bring about house: Salatiga, Jawa TengahGeneral equipment :

Leadership, Conundrum Solving, Interaction, English, Questioning Thought, Honest points, At approximately calculate ago Proceedings Additional equipment :Culture : Release Top of FoodN Tech / Ecology / Chemistry / corresponding (1-3), Bylaw / Management (4), Manufacturing Commerce (5,6) Knowledger of : Feature Logic (1-3), WWTP Technological dan Administer (2), Equipment encourage-bitter (5), Warehouse Give (6), SCM (5,6) Encounter chic noteworthy field nominal : 10 being chic mangerial amount (1), 5 being (2,3), 3 being (4), 2 being (5,6), FMCG and Provisions Diligence as compensation Delight hurl your resume to:
PT Kievit Indonesia
Jalan Merpati Nomor 1 Mangunsari
Salatiga 50721
Before surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail] to: report.kievit–at–frieslandcampina.comLately next to 21 April 2013.
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