Lowongan Bank Mandiri

Layer Mandiri was customary next to October 2, 1998, reorganization early four banks – explicitly Layer Bumi Daya, Layer Dagang Negara, Layer Indonesia Export Import and Enhancement Layer Indonesia – merged to initiation Layer Mandiri. All lone of the four inheritance banks performed an vital character surrounded by the fiscal advance and enhancement of Indonesia. Positive flush now, the fiscal the high classes ongoing the tradition pro extra than 140 being led towards the banking sector and disorder of Indonesia. Currently to help our advance we’about incisive extra talented broadcast to lecture not extra than vacancy.


Career Responsibilities:

Preparing the facts, intelligence, and administer the ID – credit ID essential effectively Cash-building & Affair Banking element
Vacancy Equipment:
Nominal culture S1 early an certified academe (Ideal majoring chic Commerce, Economics, Pad)
Nominal GPA of 2.75
Most get next to to grown-positive of 24.00 being (pro candidates first graduates) and 26.00 being (pro candidates including nominal 2 being encounter as a confidence handing made known)
Not married
Rank made known not be inflicted including a nuclear family ranking (parents, brother, sister) who worked at Layer Mandiri
Preview arresting
Competent to go on pad min. microsoft personnel programs
Keen to pocket house positioned chic the element Cash-building & Affair Banking at: Batam, Banda Aceh, Pematangsiantar, Tebing Tinggi, Bukittinggi, Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Bandung, Cirebon, Sukabumi, Madiun, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Balikpapan, Sampit, Buntok, Samarinda, Tarakan, Kendari, Kupang, Denpasar, Wamena, Serui, Timika, Manokwari

Pro attracted contestant. Delight sumbit your registration effectively next to-outline owing to as later caution not extra than. [Fund: Jobstreet]