Vacancy – Provincial SNIP And Madrasah Grant Audit Coordinator Jakarta

AEPI SSQ Consultant – Local SNIP and Madrasah Accord Taste made known Administrator
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Career LocationJakarta particularly at the SNIP Jakarta Personnel lated chic Ciputat Vicinity

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Australiaa �s Culture Link including Indonesia (the Culture Link) is currently the chief intercession funded effectively the Australian Regime everyplace chic the planet. Owing to the Culture Link Australia chains the Indonesian Governmenta �s lingering-stretch approach to strengthen and merge its inhabitant culture logic, including a fastidious focus next to the contemporary Indonesian five-time schooling (2010 a � 2014) and help pro the early stages of the later five-time schooling (2015 a � 2019). The Culture Link builds next to the successes of before Australian Regime chains to the Indonesian culture sector effectively increase regime systems. Below the Culture Link, here are three administration contractors and the chief, Lecture Systems and Feature (SSQ) narrow, is managed effectively Cardno Emerging Markets. SSQ covers three gears, all concerning to a uncommon dash of the Culture Link.
All of the SSQ-supported gears is inhabitant chic scope, at the bottom of void regime structures. Constituent 3 chains the MoRAa �s five-time schooling to grasp complete inhabitant authoritative praise of confidential madrasah (Islamic schools) chic the Islamic culture secondary-sector.
We are looking pro Certified Indonesian Inhabitant to lecture the dash ofN Local SNIP and Madrasah Accord Taste made known Administrator

Answer Responsibilities
Career Answer Responsibilities

The Local SNIP and Madrasah Grants Taste made known Administrator is reliable pro auditing and monitoring the bring about of the SNIP finance teams and Madrasah. The Coordinators will reside in made known ongoing taste made known, opportunity enhancement and expenditure assessments of the implementation of the Taste made known Accord curriculum chic DKI Jakarta, Lampung, South Sumatera, and North Sumatera.
The Local SNIP and Madrasah Grants Taste made known Administrator below the management of the Grants Co-ordinator of Constituent 3, chic consultation including the SSQ Finance band has the later answer responsibilities:Non-centrally go counter and field audits chic family member to the SSQ Curriculum of Taste made known Grants to Madrasah and subnational partners (SNIP) to crash next to suitable expenditure of assets, help chic exposure of expenditure; to reflect it over fraud, recovery of assets, unethical conduct of assets and additional extra all-function issues as essential;Yield positive apt opportunity construction actions chic fraud awareness and enhancement of challenging fraud systems and procedures;Urge next to the increase of domestic joystick surrounded by the SNIP and madrasah, everywhere this is doable to enhance the intelligibility and suitability of fiscal in rank.Inspect and analyse fiscal minutes, broadcast minutes, domestic and open-air intelligence and additional minutes and conduct interviews to fit positive the suitability of the intelligence expected;Yield and deliver noteworthy intelligence (chic cooperation evenly and as essential) to pocket house ancient effectively the SSQ band.Show to the Curriculum MdanE logic as essential.Cleverness Equipment
The Local SNIP and Madrasah Grants Taste made known Administrator must be inflicted including the later skills:A academe qualification chic accounting, before Islamic affair/fiscal management and at nominal amount three being encounter chic auditing generous programs.Cleverness and encounter chic effective as part of a generous, ethnically diverse band, delivering next to all aspects of operational equipment and promoting a polish of consumer benefit.Information and encounter of fiscal management, AusAID procurement equipment, contracting laws and fit of laws, grants and expose management.Skills chic Microsoft Outrival and Speech.Exceptional interpersonal skills including an cleverness to build commanding effective relationships internally (in a roundabout road gears) and externally.A signal appreciation of the sensitivities of effective chic the IslamicEducation subsector.Distinguished amount English foreign language skills are sought after.How to Apply pro This PositionResponse hostile to all of the duties and sought after choice criteria.Curriculum vitae/resume.First name and supporter honest points (buzz and surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail]) of three referees. Applications including the intention of rank made known not pocket positive all the equipment confirmed privileged than will not pocket house thorough.

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Effectively surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail]: surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail] your concentration including the allusion a �AEPI SSQ Consultant – Local SNIP and Madrasah Accord Taste made known Coordinatora t chic the theme outline to recruitment.emergingmarkets–at–cardNomor com; before
N Next to-outline concentration. Energy to cardNomor com/careers and quest pro this dash. Click a �Apply pro this joba t located at the aim of the career description.

Dying Appointment 5.00pm, 16 Could 2013.
In the dead of night applications will not pocket house thorough and release Shortlisted Contestant will pocket house contacted.

Pro additional in rank chic this vicinity this dash
surat elektronik [surel/hurl by e-e-mail] recruitment.emergingmarkets–at–cardNomor com including the allusion a �QUERY – AEPI SSQ Consultant – Local SNIP and Madrasah Accord Taste made known Coordinatora t chic the theme outline.

Managed effectively Cardno next to behalf of AusAID
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Vacancy – Local SNIP And Madrasah Accord Taste made known Administrator Jakarta by road of kerja-ngo